Hello, my name is Mary Rogers. I am 47 years old and as far back as I can remember I was extremely obese. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall and at my heaviest I weighed 312 pounds…yes that says 3 hundred! I had never been active and when I was growing up everyone in my family was very overweight so it was never an issue that was discussed at home. It was when I was outside the home the issues would start. I could see the looks people gave me…I could even sometimes hear the comments…and yes they hurt.

 I had tried diets…dozens of them…I would start out motivated and lose a few My Weight Loss Journeypounds only to give up after a week or two when results didn’t come fast enough…besides what else did I have in my life besides food? Finally a trip to a new doctor changed my life.

She recommended a new weight loss program where food you ate actually burned the fat off…eat and still lose weight…even I could do that. It was a few days later when the doctors office delivered me the program and as I first read it I really felt like this would work…after the first week I had lost almost 9 pounds…and I was not hungry once. After 3 months I was down to 253 pounds…that was almost 60 pounds…after 8 months I was down to 196…I had not been below 200 pounds since I started high school.

 Today I weigh in at 136 pounds…this program has literally SAVED my life and I hope it can help you. Discover the program that saved my life